It all began as an idea in 1972 to construct idler rolls for a local consumer goods company in the Fox River Valley of Neenah, Wisconsin. More than 40 years later, we are an industry leader with a solid reputation for understanding the needs of our customers, engineering the right solution and providing the highest quality precision rolls in the industry.


1035 Breezewood Lane

Neenah WI 54956

Phone +1.920.729.6666

Fax +1.920.725.9992

For more than 40 years, Webex has been the industry’s first choice in maintaining consistent and cost-effective temperature management with our Precision Engineered Heat Transfer and Chill Rolls....

Webex Vacuum Rolls provide the ideal tension isolation and control point for your product. By pulling the web into intimate contact with the roll, Vacuum Rolls increase friction forces that help...

Webex standard idlers are perfect for many applications。 But when your web requires special handling, look beyond the Webex standards。 This is where custom machined surfaces and modifications can。。。

The even distribution of lateral tension and vibration-free operation provided by these rolls isideal for the separation of slit webs, elimination of web wrinkles, slack edges and soft spots。

New life for worn or damaged bridge mandrel adaptors and plate cylinders。

Get more use out of your existing Carbon Fiber Bridge Mandrel Adaptors and Print Cylinders for hydraulic sleeve-...

From press rolls at the wet end of a paper machine to reel spools at the dry or finishing end, with felt and super-calender rolls in between, our expertise in the paper industry is unmatched。 All。。。

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