Upgrade Promotions

Web tension is easily maintained or adjusted using multi-function SmartKeys. Operators simply navigate the controller using full text and on-screen prompts on the large backlit display.


• 0.5 mm minimum line width
• 20 mm band width

The SE-46C digital line sensor is capable of detecting lines, edges of lines and graphic patterns such as barcodes。 It can also be used。。。

The CDP-01 has been a trusted controller for more than 40,000 process lines throughout its 20+ years in the global market, unfortunately many components needed for these are no longer available in...

For a limited time, mills and converters operating Tidland’s Electronic Slitter Positioning system are invited to take advantage of a special $1,500 discount to trade in and trade up to the ESP。。。

• Drop-in replacement for C-Series
• Air-purged, dust proof design
• Blade guard attachment for improved safety
• Calibrated depth knob for precise blade overlap

The H3257 is an LED light source that provides a uniform light output. By default, the H3257 emits light that is pulsed at 7.5 kHz, making it an excellent choice for discriminating detectors, such...

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