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Tidland Knife Rings, Slitter Shafts and Trim Chutes

  • Knife Rings and Spacers
  • Slitting Shafts
  • Slitting Table Idler Rolls
  • Trim Chutes

From slitter shafts to blades to maintenance tools, the Tidland line of accessory products will help you to make your slitting system give you peak performance.
Bottom Knife Rings and Spacers: Shear and Crush: D2 Alloy; Carbide; Ceramic.
Slitter Shafts: Series 900 GK External Element Air Expanding Slitter Shaft; Series 905 KT Tubular Mandrel; Series 910 KS Solid Mandrel.
Slitting Table Idler Rolls: Infeed; Outfeed; Segmented Idler Rolls; Aluminum; Steel; Different External Coatings to Suit Any Application; Idler Brakes.
Trim Chutes: Stainless Steel; Air Lubricated.
More accessories: Coalescing Air Filters and Regulator Assembly; Workbench Blade Change Clamp Fixture; Spare Blade Cartridges for Quick Blade Changes; Hex Key Sets for Knifeholders
For more detailed information on any particular item, please contact your Tidland sales associate.

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