The Pro-Trac 100 is a low-cost, self-contained sensor positioner designed for standard-duty operations. Supplied with remote controller/digital readout, the Pro-Trac 100 is easily adapted to any...

The Pro-Trac 200 is a heavy-duty positioner engineered for continuous, reliable operation。 Common application uses for the Pro-Trac 200 include chasing systems, moving-sensor center guide systems。。。

Designed for continuous-duty operation, the M-23 provides infinite adjustment of oscillation magnitude, with both speed and distance at your control。 With precise speed control and oscillations。。。

The EM-8 (shown above) provides a dependable way to position equipment accurately in virtually any chasing application. Designed for continuous operation, this heavy-duty, dual race rod positioner...

The M-12 is a reliable, easy to use dual-sensor positioner for most any fixedsensor center guiding application. The indicating handwheel of the M-12 provides operators with sensor location at a...


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Fife Engineering prepares a customer specific manual for most Fife systems when they ship。 To access a copy of your manual, please choose the following link。 Doing so will take you out of this website and into the Fife Customer Specific Maintenance Manual login area。

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