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Webex Flexo Press Rolls

  • Evaluation of your existing product
  • Repair of worn or damaged journals when possible (print cylinders)
  • Replacement of worn stainless steel inner rings (bridge adaptors)
  • Body resurfacing and restoration of cylinder diameter (bcd)
  • Inspection report for refurbishing/replacement

New life for worn or damaged bridge mandrel adaptors and plate cylinders.

Get more use out of your existing Carbon Fiber Bridge Mandrel Adaptors and Print Cylinders for hydraulic sleeve-style flexo presses without enduring the long lead times and premium pricing common with offshore press OEMs。 Our engineering and manufacturing teams will evaluate your existing rolls and develop a plan to return them to like-new condition。 If repair is not possible, we will duplicate the exact specifications of your original bridge mandrel adaptors and print cylinders to meet the exacting demands of today’s high-speed flexographic presses。

• In-house carbon fiber manufacturing and engineering to meet the original specifications and performance of your press
• Established roll evaluation and repair process for carbon fiber rolls specific to the flexographic industry
• Replacement print cylinders, anilox bases (we do not offer ceramic coating) and bridge mandrel adaptors for most press makes and models
• Faster delivery and lower cost than ordering from off-shore press manufacturers
• Multiple fiber types and resins, in combination with custom winding patterns, offer better tube stiffness, resulting in higher critical speeds

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