Menges Roller was established in 1966 by Louis J. Menges, and the company has seen strong and steady growth ever since. Today, Menges Roller is recognized as a leader in industrial rollers for the converting, plastic packaging, nonwovens, pulp & paper, and allied metal Markets.

Menges Roller

260 Industrial Dr

Wauconda, IL 60084

전화 +1.847.487.8877

Fax +1.847.487.8897

A chill roll or heat transfer roll is designed to cool or heat the web to a specific temperature. They are used in applications that, in order to achieve optimal results, require substrates to be...

Chill rollers made out of copper can greatly increase line speeds and allow converting companies to produce their product up to 10X more efficiently.

High quality finishes and reduced...

Extra large industrial rollers are a specialty of Menges Roller。 We offer the ability to manufacture rollers up to 33 feet in length。

In addition, Menges builds its large industrial...

More Than Just "Rubber Rollers", Menges Offers Performance-Grade Elastomers For Every Application.

Menges has developed several proprietary compounds, including Super Tough Coat, which...

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