MAGPOWR Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes

  • Long life
  • Torque proportional to current
  • Torque independent of speed
  • Constant tension
  • Smooth, accurate, repeatable torque
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use pulleys to couple to load
  • Easy control - adjustable while running
  • Smooth starts and stops

Transform your reliable, durable, foot-mounted MAGPOWR C Series Clutches into brakes with the addition of a simple locking bracket. The unit can be adapted by installing a locking bracket on an existing foot-mounted clutch, or by simply ordering a factory-converted unit.

LB-1 / C-1
LB-3 / C-3
LB-10 / C-10
LB-50 / C-50
LB-100 / C-100


Chinese, Simplified

Maxcess MAGPOWR logo

MAGPOWR Engineers have developed software to help you select the best clutch, brake or load cell for your application. Contact us at +1.405.755.1600 to verify sizing or ask questions.

If you click on the link and nothing happens, right click on the download link and choose "open in new tab"

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