Componex provides dead shaft idler technology with WINertia products. WINertia products feature advanced web-handling technology including WINertia AV (air vent) precision aluminum idler rolls with exclusive WINtrac™ Coatings. Componex provides innovative precision products at competitive prices with the shortest lead time in the industry.

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WINertia™ AV aluminum dead shaft idler rollers are built in “Air Vents” that remove trapped air 7。5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market。 With 15 times the air parking capacity,。。。

The WINertia™ AV Spreader Roll with Reverse Crown Profile gets the wrinkles out!

The WINertia™ AV Spreader roll is created by machining a taper at the center of the WINertia AV idler for a。。。

The WINstub product line is a low-cost, smart alternative to thru-shafts used with dead-shaft idler rolls. Available in the HUBstub or NUBstub design, it is a new way of mounting idler rollers....

WINshaft Hard Chrome Plated Shafts are available in both Solid and Tubular stock. The added durability of our hard chrome plated shafts provide years of maintenance free service.


The WINertia™ ST aluminum dead shaft idler rollers give you up to 30% less rotational inertia than standard aluminum idlers. This versatile idler is known for its durability, high performance and...

The revolutionary new WINtrac™ coatings are formulated for a wide range of applications including web roll handling, printing processes, and adhesive applications. This unique coating process was...

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